The "Renewable Lifestyle" Approach is the Future

We design, build and distribute cutting edge, multi-fuel renewable power generation, waste energy harvesting and built-in water purification solutions that are economical for daily use and simple enough to use during power and water blackout emergencies. Significant natural and weather disasters can now be a regular occurrence. Our solutions give you peace of mind and enjoyment that can only come with efficient
renewable energy and water independence solutions that match your lifestyle choices.

We also select partners who share our belief in the necessity of a global "Renewable Lifestyle" approach that allows us to offer you many useful, necessary and helpful ecoFriendly solutions. Our partners share our believe in the importance of developing solutions that can also be easily transferred and useful to
young entrepreneurs and communities in the least developed countries of Haiti and the
Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our products, services and approach will allow
all of us to be a part of the process of improving their lives and communities.

Only when we all have and use efficient renewable electrical power, clean water, ecoFriendly food and
housing can we slow the needless cycles of extreme poverty and instability
in the least developed countries and our own developed ones.

TEG Waste Energy Harvesting
Waste Energy Harvesting Technology

We are designing and developing waste energy harvesting technology including the latest wearable recharging solutions.

MultiFuel Renewable Power
Multi-Fuel Renewable Power and Water Purification Systems

We design, build and distribute efficient, multi-fuel renewable
power generation, waste energy harvesting and water purification systems for comprehensive energy and water independence solutions.

Global Solutions
Global EcoBusiness Consulting, Compliance and Mentoring

We assist individuals, businesses, organizations and governments understand and develop new renewable economy strategies.
Change Management, Executive Coaching or Mentoring to thrive in dynamic uncertainity.

Berry Yogurt with Aketta Smoothie
Renewable Lifestyle &
EcoFriendly Food, Books & Music

We provide products, services, music and books that assist individuals and communities develop ecoFriendly solutions. From Aketta® high protein Edible Crickets and flour to the latest information and products, we provide solutions that assist the transition to a "Renewable Lifestyle".


When We Work Together ~ We Grow Together

Let us assist your switch to a "Renewable Lifestyle". A Lifestyle model that involves sharing renewable
electrical power, clean water, EcoFriendly foods and housing with those who have nothing, even
though they provide us with the minerals and resources that make our lifestyle choices possible.

"Sustainable Development Goals" refer to a process or "road map" the least developed countries are provided with the hope the "Goals" will lead them to economic improvements. In reality this development never happens even as increasing levels of minerals and resources flow out of these regions.

Our "Renewable Lifestyle" approach addresses these shortcomings by develops solutions that are as valuable and economical in the developed world as they are in the least developed world. Our renewable power,
clean water, ecoFriendly food and sustainable housing is designed to be easily transferable to
entrepreneurial individuals and communities in these least developed countries.
Based in the principals of the "Economy for the Common Good"


Renewable Lifestyle Products from our Associates who all give part of their profits
back to the children and people in the least developed locations in our world.